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Delivery Information

Home Delivery Info

  1. All Orders will be delivered in the chosen day slots by customers. Delivery time will depend upon distance of Customers home from Center, sometime due to heavy volume traffic during pandemic situation, but will be deliver in the chosen day slot.
  2. Normal free delivery charge for order amount depend on the distance, delivery charges will be charged are applicable on orders which are less than Min Order amount for a destination.
  3. No Minimum  amount for an order.
  4. For free delivery charges, minimum order amount is shown on the review page before placing the order.

If I forgot some items & added them as a separate order but it is getting delivered to me in the same slot as the others, will I get charged separately?
In case the additional items order is scheduled in the same morning or evening slot as the one placed before, this is an add-on order with no additional delivery charge. It will have a separate bill but get delivered along with the previous order placed.

Delivery Areas
Presently we are delivering in some areas, localities of Dehradun only. You can check the same while making a purchase in Delivery Options page (Area, Colony, Street, Sector, Village parameter). Orders outside the given areas will be treated as Cancelled and payment will be refunded (in case of Online payment). If your location is not listed, please call us at 9119-777-500 or mail your google current location to support@doonkart.com.

Delivery Slots

  1. Slot1 (Mon-Sat) (11:30am to 2:00pm)
  2. Slot2 (Mon-Sat) (2:00pm to 6:00pm)
Sundays is Weekly off, no  delivery services will be provided on Sundays.