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Mandarin Oranges - Sweet & Juicy , approx 6 pcs, 900gms - 1Kg,
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Mandarin Oranges - Sweet & Juicy , approx 6 pcs, 900gms - 1Kg,

About the Product

While everyone knows and loves oranges for their sweet and tangy flavor, are you aware of the many varieties of oranges and their benefits as well? Thankfully, we are here to tell you about the different ways how mandarin oranges benefit you! Mandarin oranges look similar to regular oranges, just smaller in size and richer in flavor! They have a thin, wrinkly red-orange skin that is easy to peel.

This sweet variety is usually seedless and easy to peel, making it great for kids. Brands like “Cuties” or “Sweeties” commonly use clementines (but…fun fact! As different varieties go in and out of season, these brands will swap which kinds of mandarins they include in the packs)

This is a seedless variety originating in Japan. The tree is more tolerant to cold, so you’ll find these in colder climates. This variety has a thick but delicate skin, meaning it’s quick to peel but bruises easily, making it great for either eating locally or canning for shipment.

Country of Origin : Australia

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